Hammer and Piggybank

Quick Insight on the Quick Ratio

Quick RatioThe quick ratio allows you to gauge whether a company can pay its bills in the short-term. In other words, if the company were up against the wall and had to pay their bills, can they do it immediately or would they have to rely on the liquidating longer-term assets?There are two ways to […]

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Antiques and Collectibles

Antiques Collectors: Warning if You Use as Investments

​My wife and I like to watch Antiques Roadshow. Most of them are previous episodes from several years ago. However, today during my lunch, I decided to flip through the channels and an episode of the show was on and it was showing highlights from previous episodes (various years). The interesting aspect of this particular […]

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Equations - Complicated

Do You Need to Be a Quant to Trade Financial Markets?

​IntroductionFinancial markets employ quants (quantitative analysts) to help develop financial models. They use these models as part of their strategies to make money for the companies that hire them. Most quants have advanced backgrounds in math, physics, and statistics.​Quants have an air of mystery surrounding them. Due to the complicated nature of their jobs, it […]

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Age to Start Investing

What Age Should You Start Investing?

What Age Should You Start Investing?The correct answer to what age should you start investing is any age. Okay, so a two-year-old won’t get much out of learning how to invest. However, whatever age a child is ready to tackle this challenge, they should be encouraged to do so.What you learn at an early age […]

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How to Trade Options

How to Trade Options

​You’ll find plenty of information about the dynamics of options and how to use them to make money in the options market. Almost no one discusses how to trade them, however. While it isn’t difficult to trade options, there are some nuances that you should take into to consideration.Options trade much like stocks do. You […]

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Learn Options

Call Options Trading

Many investors are unfamiliar with options as an investment and specifically don’t know how to take advantage of call options trading. But it needn’t be that way. Options can be a great way to participate in an stocks upside while limiting the risk of outright ownership in the stock. The video on the right will […]

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Devices Describing Investing

The Inverse Relationship Between Bond Prices and Interest Rates

Bond prices rise when interest fall. Conversely, bond prices fall when interest rates rise. People are often puzzled by this relationship, and it’s understandable why the confusion exists. This article is going to help clarify it once and for all. You have to think about it in terms of what kind of rate can you […]

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Yahoo Finance Message

Yahoo Finance API Down For Good?

The word on the street is the API allowing developers to access Yahoo Finance data is down for good. Last Tuesday, I was working in my R environment and tried to obtain prices using the default source for the Quantmod library. If you are unfamiliar with this library, it gives you access to stock quotes, […]

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Learn Investing Featured

How to Start Learning About Financial Markets

Have you ever said to yourself that you need to start investing? Or, perhaps you tried it in the past and it didn’t work out for you. Schools aren’t teaching what they should about how to invest. This is changing to some degree, but still has a long way to go. We also get caught […]

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Future Price Featured

How to Roughly Determine the Future Price of a Stock

Anyone who tells you that investing is easy, either has not done it before or is trying to sell you something. Investing is difficult. It’s tough enough to know which company to pick, let alone know how it will perform sometime in the future. However, we’ve been given a gift of sorts. Since November 2016, […]

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